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Our service

Our operations are the result of in-depth studies and market analyzes with a decade of experience that allows us today to be one of the most solid realities on the market.

We never leave anything to chance and for this reason, we have a constantly growing yield.

A great mission

We have at heart the desire to help as many people as possible to achieve an economic status of full freedom.

We are convinced that today it is increasingly important to approach the digital financial landscape by making the most of new technologies and riding on new financial trends.

What is Orbitax?

It is a highly performing automatic trading platform that allows our customers to generate economic profits by exploiting an automated and totally innovative system thanks to the support of artificial intelligence.

Our strength is the strategies applied to the operation of our bot which boasts an extremely advantageous history since 2017 on live accounts; to date it has generated over 695% profit!


Our customers can take advantage of our service by paying an annual MEMBERSHIP for the use of our AUTOMATIC TRADING BOT.

Maximum reliability

Our software has been back tested for over 12 years and has been operating in the equity markets with real accounts for over 5 years.

The advantage of using our TRADING SYSTEM is that our clients will never have their accounts burned, since we work with highly conservative strategies and with stop losses set at 10%.

how it works orbitax?

ORBITAX is a brand owned exclusively by BB PRIVATE CAPITAL LTD based in London.

ORBITAX customers can take advantage of our automated trading systems by signing a license to use for a twelve-month operating rental.

Following the purchase of the license, the customer can open their own trading account within the BROKER affiliated with us.

Our partner broker

After multiple tests carried out with many brokers, we have chosen to collaborate with TOPFX, one of the TOP 5 brokers in the world.

TOPFX boasts over 23 world licenses and is also certified and authorized by CONSOB in Italy. Award-winning and winner of many awards in the trading and forex sector and on the market for over 12 years.

Orbitax partners

Advantages of joining our pamm

The Pamm Manager is the one who is responsible for all operations and holds all the permits and licenses to be able to operate. In our case, “Saverio” is the PAMM Manager of PAMM ORBITAX

The PAMM is a joint account, where every client who has signed up for our license for the operating rental of our trading systems, can connect their account to obtain the same performance benefits as we do.

For example: if I deposit € 100,000 and you € 10,000 and today the automatic system will generate 1% return, the same percentage will be equal for both respectively to our deposited amounts.

The advantage of joining a PAMM is that each person who enters their deposit within it will help to grow the joint account but at the same time will obtain the same profit advantages that will be obtained.


Our results have led our clients to generate earnings with a monthly average that varies between 6% and 10% net of their capital.

Maxiumum transparency

Each customer will have a personal reserved area where he can view all the operations in progress in real time and will be able to independently manage the movement of his own capital. The profits generated can further increase by exploiting compound interest.

Strategy on gold

Strategy on gold

Currency strategy

currency Strategy


We have created algorithms with 2 AUTOMATIC STRATEGIES that allow obtaining excellent performances.

Back-test for over ten years and management of Real accounts for over five years.

THE ORBITAX PROJECT was officially born in March 2022 and in a few months, we count hundreds of people who have decided to trust us.

This is why we have decided to offer you an even better service with many more benefits!